9 nov. 2015: We remember Scotti

Last Saturday we received the sad news that Scotti, a lovely dog from our shelter, had died.

Scotti had recently arrived in the Netherlands. He stayed with a fosterfamily for a few days, before he went to his new owners.

He stayed with them for nearly a week before he managed to escape. The evening, night and day after, many people tried to find Scotti. Flyers were handed out, and people were asked to be on the look out for him. His picture was also put on the Internet, on twitter, and missing-animals sites, to get any kind of information.

Nobody knew where you were. It felt like searching for a needle in a haystack. Where were you? Which direction did you run into? Where you hiding somewhere?

The image of you — running and in panic, trying to find a safe place and familiair surroundings, is saddening us. You couldn’t find your safe place, because you were only here for such a short time.

Saturday we received the news that someone saw a dead dog by the railways. We don’t know when, but you had a fatal accident, you were hit by a train.

Scotti had been in our shelter in Eressos, Lesbos since March. He was found when he was only 3 weeks old, together with his 5 siblings.

We remember Scotty as a lovely and happy dog, and we will never forget him.

Thanks to everyone who helped searching for him. Our sympathy goes out to all people who knew Scotti, especially his new Family.

Scotti got cremated and his ashes will come back home to Eressos.

Look here for some pictures and video’s of Scotti.
Griekse pup