Project Description

Shuri used to live on a farm in Antissa. When the farmer passed away, the dogs were left to fend for themselves. We went to the farm and caught all of the dogs and brought them back to the shelter. All of them turned out to be extremely sweet dogs and most of them have already found their happily ever afters.

Shuri is sweet, social and confident. She looooves going for walks and it is the highlight of her day but she also loves to spend time with humans and gladly comes to collect some love and attention.

She has been tested for numerous diseases and received a clean bill of health. She can travel as soon as she is adopted.

Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 2015
Category: Small
Date in: 04-2019
Spayed: Yes
Shoulder height: cm
Length: cm
Weight: 11 kg
Adoptie contribution: € 225,00