Project Description

Mary Jane used to live in a field with another dog. The owner of the other dog fed her as well and Mary Jane kept the other dog company. One day the other dog was no longer there but Mary Jane continued to stay in the field, waiting for her friend to return. She laid down in a large hole under a tree and spent her days alone without food.

When we heard we went in search of her and found her still waiting in the field. She came to us cautiously and we took her to the shelter to be cared for and to make sure she will never be lonely again..

Mary Jane is a lovely girl who is happy with every bit of attention she can get. She has a gentle nature and loves to play and have fun.

Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 04-2019
Category: Small
Date in: 12-2019
Spayed: Soon
Shoulder height: cm
Length: cm
Weight: kg
Adoptie contribution: € 350,00