Project Description

Jacko was living with a Greek farmer until he discovered Jacko’s gentle nature. This meant he was no longer useful to the farmer so he wanted to dump him. Fortunately, an animal lover offered to take him in until a permanent home could be found for him. Jacko has been living with her for over three months now.

Jacko grew up on the farm with sheep, goats and chickens and has no problems with them. He also get along well with other dogs. He is protective of cats belonging to the household but will chase cats who are not part of the family. He does well with children but is cautious of men. Once he gets to know them, he is friendly as can be. He is still a young man with a whole life ahead of him and we would love to see him spend it with a lovely family where he can get all the attention and love he deserves.

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Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 12-2017
Category: Large
Date in: Foster family
Neutered: Yes
Shoulder height: 65 cm
Length: 70 cm
Weight: 35 kg
Adoption contribution: € 390,00