name: Paula – found a new home
gender: female
born: January 2013
category: medium

Paula is very social, she likes people and she likes to cuddle. She is more submissive then dominant. She can climb very high; so if she is in a garden there has to be high fences. In the shelter she didnt run off, because she feels home and safe.

She is a hunting dog, so she needs to run outside. Like run besides the bike or go for long walks.

Paula is an former chain dog and was found in a very bad condition. Her owner gave her dirty water, bad old food and no medical care. She was just 13 kg, normally she should weigh 8 – 10 kg more.  The dutch organization Canilos, especially Paula van Loo, the contact person for bad chain dog cases,  took straight away action. Read more.

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