Now more than ever, our dogs need your help to make it through the winter months.
On Monday night, the 28th of November, our shelter was the target of a massive flood wave which left a trail of destruction in its path. During the night, the house, the dog kennels and the property were flooded by an avalanche of water and mud. The water reached a height of 0.5 meters.

Due to the pressure of the water, the outer stone wall partially collapsed and the flood wave washed over the property. This caused the water level to raise even further, endangering the lives of both people and animals in the surrounding area.

Tuesday morning, the 29th of November
1) Thanks to the amazing efforts of Anja, all of our dogs survived
2) The sterilisation/castration project for the cats has been postponed until January
3) Assessment of property reveals great material damage
– The entire property is covered in mud
– Enclosures and fences all over the property have been destroyed
– The outer wall, connected to the neighbouring property, has been severely damaged
– 15 bags of dog food that had been donated recently are drenched and uneatable.
– The force of the water pushed the washing machine into the yard several meters.
– Medical supplies have sustained water damage and are now unusable.
– Electrical supplies, such as chainsaw, lawnmower, drill etc.. are no longer functioning
– Furniture, walls, appliances and other items in the main house have also been damaged
– Dog beds and blankets have been damaged

Our dogs are in need of your support to make it trough the winter.
We welcome all donations!
1) PAYPAL: info@eresosforanimals.com
2) DEPOSIT onto our Dutch bank account:
Stichting Eresos for Animals
IBAN NL48 RABO 0308 8276 94
note: wederopbouw/rebuild
Please contact us or send a message by Facebook if you would like to donate any of the following items such as:  Synthetic duvets, towels, blankets, sleeping bags, medical supplies, electrical tools etc.
We, the volunteers and dogs at Eresos for Animals, are extremely grateful for your aid during this difficult time.

See here: Anja’s account of what happened during the disaster.