Your donation
* through bank account:
Rabobank Netherlands
account number:
IBAN: NL48RABO0308827694
To: Stichting Eresos for Animals, Kerkrade
* PayPal/creditcard or

* Worming tablets (preferred Milbemax/Novartis or Drontal plus/Bayer)
* Spot on (preferred Advantix/Bayer or Advocate/Bayer)
* Medications like antibiotics, painkillers, eye creams, ear drops (often vets have products that are almost out of date but still good)
* Collars and leadsPlastic baskets and blanketsFlight carriers and pet carrier bags

How to send the products:
* You can send it the following adress: Eresos for Animals/Anja Hagemann, Poste Restante, 81105 Eresos, Lesvos – Greece.
* A volunteer will go get the things.
* You can take the things with your flight to Greece.

More: any questions? please contact us