It had been raining for days when Anja was awoken by the sound of running water around 11 pm on Monday evening. She got up to retrieve a mop and bucket but when she returned the water was pouring from the heaters, drains and other crevices within the room.

Outside she heard the dogs whining and crying in the kennels, causing Anja to run to the door but when she opened it, the water poured into the house. The terrace and yard were both flooded with water up to half a meter high.

She quickly made her way to the kennels. Despite the high levels of water and immense pressure, she managed to open the door to the first kennels. The dogs had already been treading water in their kennels but fortunately, Anja was able to lead the dogs to safety, on a piece of property located on higher ground.

Returning to the kennels, through a sluice between two gates she attempted to free the younger dogs. Once in the sluice, Anja was unable to open the second gate because the water had warped and bent it.
At that moment she heard a noise, the pressure of the water had caused the middle of the outer stone wall to collapse, and a giant flood wave washed over the property.

Anja became lodged in the sluice and was slammed against the gate. The water created a vacuum which literally ripped her shoes and pants off her body. She barely had the strength it took to pull herself up and keep her head above water.

Fortunately, the gate she had crashed into became unhinged and freed her from her trap. She noticed two of the dogs, Henry and Codie, had escaped from the kennel and were being pushed into the fencing. They were dazed and desperately trying to find a way to escape.

Anja tried to lift the roof off the kennel in order to allow the dogs an escape route but to no avail. She returned to the other kennels and tried to open them once again but all of her efforts were futile and she was forced to concede. She returned to the house where three dogs remained and brought them to the safety of higher ground as well.

Unable to use the phone and with a heavy heart, she had no choice but to start the journey to the village to get help, knowing 5 dogs were unaccounted for.
Upon returning to shelter with her loyal friend and ally, Gwen, she was welcomed by a few of the missing dogs. Somehow, they had managed to escape after the water levels had gone down.

The puppies who had been housed in a kennel on the elevated street side of the property were unharmed.
One of our dogs, Henry has not come out of this nightmare unscathed. Due to his heart condition and the ingestion of large amounts of water, he has been very short of breath these last few days.
Anja is covered in large bruises and abrasions and suffering from serious muscle aches.

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