In the beginning, the care for the animals in and around Eressos consisted of heartwarming but unorganized and impulsive actions from tourists and (mainly non-local) residents of the village. Stray cats and dogs were fed, and more than once, tourists took puppies and strays to a new, happier destination. It was obvious that the help needed to be coordinated. 

In May 2004 Ann Toomey decided, to pack her things and leave the UK, to move to Eressos/Lesvos. She spent all her private money, to set up a charity, to buy a 2000 m² big piece of land for the dogs to run and play, to build kennels and also a small surgery. The first years there were hardly no donations coming in, so Ann Toomey also paid the food and the medical care out of her own pocket.

In March 2005 the Non-Profit Organization Eresos for Animals was founded, after a long journey through Greek bureaucracy. 
Ann Toomey (UK) – President
Anja Hagemann (Germany) – Vice President

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