We are a Non-Profit Organisation under Greek law and registered as a Greek Charity under No. 800146967.
Eressos, located on the Greek island Lesvos, is the birthplace of the famous Greek poet Sappho. It is a heavenly spot in the summer,
visited by many tourists.

Both tourists and local people find stray, injured and abandoned dogs and cats. During the season they get fed by the tourists but what happens after all visitors are gone? Without food and medical care they wouldn’t survive.

We do our best to take care of them. We provide food, de-flea, de-worm and vaccinate them. And, this is very important, we take them to the vet to get them neutered.

Although our focus has shifted from taking in dogs and rehoming them in Europe to helping animals locally, our work for the animals is nowhere near done. In the coming years we will continue to help the animals on the island by organizing many neutering programs for dogs as well as cats. We will help the local people by offering them assistance with their injured pets and making sure their dogs and cats are neutered and well taken care of. We will continue support those who are working for the animals in different areas on the island.

We have our resident dogs, who have little chance of getting adopted and we will still take emergency cases such as large breeds and old dogs who do not have a chance of being adopted.

During Covid and the lockdowns in Greece, it has been more difficult to execute our plans but we are still determined to fight for the welfare of the animals of this island.