Help us

We don’t get any help from the municipality. We solely depend on donations. You can help us with:

* Worming tablets (preferred Milbemax/Novartis or Drontal plus/Bayer)
* Spot on (preferred Advantix/Bayer or Advocate/Bayer)
* Medications like antibiotics, painkillers, eye creams, ear drops
(often vets have products that are almost out of date but still good)
* Collars and leads
* Plastic baskets and blankets
* Toys
* Flight carriers and pet carrier bags

Providing a foster home
You provide a temporary home, before the dog goes to his new family. Please contact us for more information.


Adopting a dog
And of course you can become the proud new owner of an eternally grateful four-legged friend. Please contact us for more information.

rehomed dog

Friend of EFA
Whether you can give a little or a lot, the Greek dogs are grateful no matter what. When you become a friend of EFA you can choose how much and how often you wish to donate. Read more.

Friends of EFA

Financial Adoption:
There are many dogs at our shelter who unfortunately cannot be adopted. This, however does not mean that they do not need help. On the contrary, they need all the help they can get. Read more.


Donations are welcome on:
– National Bank of Greece,
Eresos for Animals
IBAN: GR6201103610000036129601922
– PayPal
– our Dutch Bankaccount:
Eresos for Animals, Kerkrade, the Netherlands
IBAN: NL48RABO 0308 8276 94
Volunteering during your holidays
We can always use a hand with:
* the daily activities like walking, training and playing with the dogs or give them a nice brush
* repairing fences, painting or weeding

vplunteers in the shelter

Food left after your holiday?
Your holidays are over and you have some food (pasta, rice, potatoes, olive oil, natural yoghurt, vegetables, fruits, fish, meat) left? Our dogs love to have a change from their biscuits. We will preper a nice meal for them. Give us a ring and we pick it up or stop on the way to the airport at the sanctuary.

Becoming a flight escort
We always need people who are willing, to accompany our dogs to their new destination.

The procedure is very easy, there is no risk, that you end up with a dog and there are no costs involved!

* The pet has all required documents and vaccinations
* You will get the details of our contact and our contact will get yours
* We bring the pet to the airport and check him or her in – if you want, you can drive with us
* We pay the ticket for the dog
* Small dogs can go (in a flight carrier) as handluggage in the cabine, bigger ones stay during the flight in a special compartment
* We will wait, until the dog is on board
* On the other side, our contact will be waiting


Do you want more information or want to help us? Please contact us.