FUNDRAISING: Washing machine and vet Bill

Hello all friends from ERESOS FOR ANIMALS, my name is Jeanette van Winkel from the Netherlands.
Last month when picking up our dog Filos at the fosterhome in Kerkrade, Jose told us all about EFA. She also told that the washing machine has been broken for months and that Anja is doing it all by hand. I see that only on this Facebook site there are 1057 friends. We all know what a good work she is doing over there for all animals . So i was thinking: Isn’t it possible that we start a fundraising for a new washing machine with all of us? When we all donate 1, 2, 3, 4 or max 5 euro, then she can buy one and even they can pay the vet Bill that is getting bigger and biggerr and for all of us it is just a small amount.
If you think this is a good idea then like this Message and let us know how much money you can/want to give.

The Dutch Bankaccount is:
Stichting Eresos for Animals
NL48RABO 0308 8276 94
Eresos for Animals
Place: Kerkrade
Please put in the remark: washingmachine.