NEWS. We are looking for flight escorts to take our dogs to Amsterdam or Dusseldorf. Please do contact us.

We are a Non-Profit Organisation under Greek law and registered as a Greek Charity under No. 800146967. Eressos, located on the Greek island Lesvos, is the birthplace of the famous Greek poet Sappho. It is a heavenly spot, in the summer visited by many tourists.

People on holiday and local people find stray and abandoned dogs. During the season they get fed by the tourists but what happens after all guests are gone? Without food and medical care they wouldn’t survive.

We do our best, to take care of them…

We provide food, de-flea, de-worm and vaccinate them. And, this is very important, we take them to the vet to get them neutered.

Emergencies (injured dogs, old dogs and small puppies, who can’t survive on their own on the street) we take in in our dog sanctuary. We have space for 15 – 20 dogs. Because we are a small organisation with limited capacity, it is unfortunately impossible, to give shelter to all dogs.

More: our work and take a look at our dogs in the shelter

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